LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting is an ideal lighting solution for under shelf, under cabinet, under cupboard lighting. All the LED Strip Lighting in our range is linkable, making it easy and practical to install. Our collection of LED Strip Lighting is cost efficient and offers a choice of colour temperatures.

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  1. Image of Forum Culina CUL31820SIL LED Striplight 528mm 760lm 12W 4000K
    Code: CUL31820SIL
  2. Image of Forum Culina CUL31821SIL LED Striplight 777mm 1150lm 18W 4000K
    Code: CUL31821SIL
  3. Image of Forum Culina CUL31822SIL LED Tiltable Striplight 548mm 760lm 12W 4000K
    Code: CUL31822SIL
  4. Image of Forum Culina CUL31823SIL LED Tiltable Striplight 797mm 1220lm 18W 4000K
    Code: CUL31823SIL
  5. Image of PowerLED CON210W LED Lightbar 224mm 225lm 3W 2900K
    Code: CON210W
  6. Image of PowerLED CON210 LED Lightbar 224mm 280lm 3W 6000K
    Code: CON210
  7. Image of PowerLED CON310W LED Lightbar 324mm 350lm 5W 2900K
    Code: CON310W
  8. Image of PowerLED CON310 LED Lightbar 324mm 420lm 5W 6000K
    Code: CON310
  9. Image of PowerLED CON510W LED Lightbar 524mm 9W 2900K
    Code: CON510W
  10. Image of PowerLED CON510 LED Lightbar 524mm 9W 6000K
    Code: CON510
  11. Image of PowerLED PSU001 LED Driver 20W to Power 1.2M Length of Lightbar
    Code: PSU001
  12. Image of PowerLED PSU002 LED Driver 36W to Power 2.1M Length of Lightbar
    Code: PSU002
  13. Image of PowerLED PSU003 LED Driver 50W to Power 3.0M Length of Lightbar
    Code: PSU003
  14. Image of PowerLED CLC1 Lightbar Extension Cable 1.5M
    Code: CLC1
  15. Image of PowerLED PS1 LED Lightbar Cable 200mm Long 3A
    Code: PS1
  16. Image of PowerLED S180 LED Lightbar Connector Cable 80mm Long 3A
    Code: S180
  17. Image of PowerLED F180 LED Lightbar Straight Connector 3A
    Code: F180
  18. Image of PowerLED F90 LED Lightbar 90 Degree Connector 3A
    Code: F90
  19. Image of Forum Legare CUL25321 LED Linklight 300mm 400lm 4W 3000K
    Code: CUL25321
  20. Image of Forum Legare CUL21661 LED Linklight 300mm 400lm 4W 4000K
    Code: CUL21661
  21. Image of Forum Legare CUL25322 LED Linklight 500mm 700lm 7W 3000K
    Code: CUL25322
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