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Medlock Electrical Distributors Privacy Policy

This policy covers all users who register to use the Medlock Electrical Distributors website. It is not necessary to register in order to gain access to the searching facilities of the site. The Medlock Electrical Distributors website is controlled by Medlock Electrical Distributors Limited. During our registration process, we ask for personal information which both identifies you and enables us to communicate with you.� We will use the information you provide only for the following purposes: To send updates regarding the status of your orders To enable you to browse the website to build up online orders and quotations If you choose not to register or not provide personal information, you may still visit the Medlock Electrical Distributors website but you will not be able to access the restricted areas available to registered users. By completing the registration process, you accept the Terms and Conditions described elsewhere on the website. We have provided an administration service (your account) where you can review your personal information at any time to ensure it is correct and current. We have taken appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is not unlawfully processed. Our website creates multiple cookies on your machine which contain state and session information. The information within these cookies does not include any personal or financial information. Our website requires cookies to be enabled in the web browser. Please be aware that should cookies be disabled or blocked by third party software some areas of our website may not be available. We are unable to delete your Medlock Electrical Distributors account information for a period of 6 years from the date of your last transaction. This is because we may need to access historical information for business accounting purposes.� If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or the use of your personal information please write to us at:

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