Following the recent additon of our Inverness branch Medlock Electrical Distributors now have 45 branches across the UK and Ireland. Although the majority of our branches are located in South East England, East Anglia and the South Midlands we have recently expanded into the Lake District (Kendal), East Midlands (Leicester) and Scotland (Stornoway on the Isle of Lewes, Elgin and now Inverness). We also have two branches in the Republic of Ireland, one in Dublin and one in Cork. The 43 branches in the UK are split into five regions with each region served by a hub branch which operates an overnight transfer system to all other branches within that region. This system means that all branches have access to all products contained on the website and in our catalogue on a same day basis if it is stocked in that branch or on a next day basis if it is stocked in the hub branch. We are able to offer over 1,000 competitively priced fast moving products on the website and in the catalogue on a same day basis with all others available next day. We stock MK extensively across our branch network and in particular the MK Logic Plus, MK Grid Plus, MK Metalclad Plus, MK Masterseal Plus, MK Ceiling Accessories and MK Sentry metal consumer units and devices product ranges.
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  1. Image of MK Logic K2746WHI Switched Socket 2 Gang 13A Double Pole Dual Earth White
    Code: K2746WHI
  2. Image of MK Logic K3520WHI TV Socket Non Isolated Female 1 Gang White
    Code: K3520WHI
  3. Image of MK Logic K4872WHI Light Switch 2 Gang 2 Way 10AX Single Pole White
    Code: K4872WHI
  4. Image of MK Logic K4841WHI Architrave Switch 10A 1 Gang 2 Way Single Pole White
    Code: K4841WHI
  5. Image of MK Logic K5403WHI 20A Switch Double Pole with Flex Outlet White
    Code: K5403WHI
  6. Image of MK Logic K4870WHI Light Switch 1 Gang 1 Way 10AX Single Pole White
    Code: K4870WHI
  7. Image of MK Sentry K5590S Consumer Unit Busbar Accepts 20 Modules
    Code: K5590S
  8. Image of MK Logic K4848PWHI Architrave Press Switch 10A 1 Gang Single Pole White
    Code: K4848PWHI
  9. Image of MK Logic K370WHI Switched Fused Spur 13A DP Base Flex Outlet Neon Graphite
    Code: K370WHI
  10. Image of MK Logic K422WHI Telephone Socket Master 1 Gang White
    Code: K422WHI
  11. Image of MK Logic K337WHI Unswitched Fused Spur 13A DP Base Flex Outlet White
    Code: K337WHI
  12. Image of MK Logic K4859WHI Fan Isolator Switch Triple Pole 10A White
    Code: K4859WHI
  13. Image of MK Logic K5011WHI Metal Cooker Unit 45A Switch and Socket DP Neon White
    Code: K5011WHI
  14. Image of MK Logic K330WHI Switched Fused Spur 13A DP Base Flex Outlet White
    Code: K330WHI
  15. Image of MK Logic K3827WHI Blank Plate 1 Gang White
    Code: K3827WHI
  16. Image of MK Grid K8892ALM Surface Metal Pattress for 3 or 4 Gang Grid Plate
    Code: K8892ALM
  17. Image of MK Logic K1524LVWHI LED Dimmer Switch 4-70W 2 Gang White
    Code: K1524LVWHI
  18. Image of MK Logic K5205WHI 45A Cooker Switch 2 Gang Double Pole White
    Code: K5205WHI
  19. Image of MK Logic K3551WHI TV Socket IEC Female Screened 1 Gang White
    Code: K3551WHI
  20. Image of MK Logic K5045WHI Cooker Cable Flex Outlet Plate 45A White
    Code: K5045WHI
  21. Image of MK Grid K8893ALM Surface Metal Pattress for 6 or 8 Gang Grid Plate
    Code: K8893ALM
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