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Kewtech is an established leading brand in the UK. It focuses totally on the UK Electrical Contractor needs. They have brought to market innovative products like the lightmates that provide a solution for fast, accurate and safer testing at lighting points and innovative loop testing circuits that are the most robust on the market and the next generation PAT testers which are controlled using your phone.

Those with long memories will remember the market leading electrical tester brand called Robin. Robin was bought by Fluke in 1999. Robin management stayed and grew the brand further until 2002 when the decision was taken to eliminate the brand and closedown the original Robin site. Senior Robin management then left and started Kewtech and brought with them technical and marketing skills that had been built up over the previous 24 years. Kewtech has since become a leading manufacturer of electrical testing devices of which you can buy at Medlock Electrical Distributors online or at one of our branches.

Kewtech EZY PAT Testers

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  1. Image of Kewtech EL110PATKIT 110V Adaptor Kit for EZYPATPLUS and SMARTPAT
  2. Image of Kewtech SMARTPAT Manual PAT Tester 110V and 230V with Smartphone APP
  3. Image of Kewtech EZYPATPLUS Manual PAT Tester 110V and 230V
    Kewtech EZYPATPLUS Manual PAT Tester 110V and 230V Code: EZYPATPLUS
    £570.00 £475.00
  4. Image of Kewtech EZYPAT Manual PAT Tester 230V
    Kewtech EZYPAT Manual PAT Tester 230V Code: EZYPAT
    £450.00 £375.00
  5. Image of Kewtech PATADAPTOR1 Pat Adaptor Converts a Tester into a Pat Tester
  6. Image of Kewtech LIGHTMATEKIT Lighting Circuit Adaptor Test Kit 5 Piece
  7. Image of Kewtech KT65DL Digital 8 in 1 Multifunction Tester
  8. Image of Kewtech KT64DL Digital 6 in 1 Multifunction Tester
  9. Image of Kewtech KT203 Digital 400A/600V AC/DC Clamp Meter Electrical Tester
  10. Image of Kewtech KT200 Digital 400A AC Clamp Meter Electrical Tester
  11. Image of Kewtech KT1780 Voltage Detector 2 Pole AC/DC LED Tests up to 690V
  12. Image of Kewtech KT1710 Voltage Detector 2 Pole AC/DC LED Tests up to 690V
  13. Image of Kewtech KEWSTICK UNO Voltage Detector Pen with Visual Red Light Alert
  14. Image of Kewtech KEWSTICK DUO Voltage Detector Pen Audible and Visual LED Alert
  15. Image of Kewtech KEWPROVE3 Proving Unit Proves Circuits are Dead 690V AC/DC
  16. Image of Kewtech KEWISO2 Voltage Tester with Proving Unit and Carry Case
  17. Image of Kewtech KEWCHECKR2 R2 Socket Testing Adaptor
    Kewtech KEWCHECKR2 R2 Socket Testing Adaptor Code: KEWCHECKR2
    £24.00 £20.00
  18. Image of Kewtech KEWCHECK103 Socket Tester with Audible Tone
  19. Image of Kewtech KEW337 Light Level Lux Test Meter 0 to 40000 Lux
  20. Image of Kewtech KAMP12UK Mains Test Lead with 3 x 4mm Connectors for KT64 KT65
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