Aico Ltd, a subsidiary of EI Electronics, is a UK market leading brand within the domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection market. Established in 1990 with the goal to provide innovative, high quality products with a second to none customer service, Aico has now successfully been supplying Fire & CO alarms to UK electrical wholesalers for over 25 years. All Aico alarms are designed, developed and manufactured at their parent company, EI Electronics, factory in Shannon, Ireland. All alarms are tested and approved according to stringent European standards, therefore each alarm is subjected to a comprehensive list of tests before leaving the factory, in order to be BSI and Kitemark accredited. We stock Aico extensively across our branch network and in particular the EI140 series, EI160 Series, RadioLink, AudioLink and carbon monoxide detector product ranges.
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  1. Aico Ei3000MRF SmartLINK Wireless Module for the 3000 Series
    Code: EI3000MRF
  2. Image of Aico EI100MRF RadioLink Wireless Module for 160e Series Detectors
    Code: EI100MRF
  3. Image of Aico EI166E RadioLink Optical Mains Smoke Alarm Detector Battery Backup
    Code: EI166E
  4. Image of Aico EI161E RadioLink Ionisation Mains Smoke Alarm with Battery Back-Up
    Code: EI161E
  5. Image of Aico EI146RC Optical Mains Smoke Alarm Detector with Battery Back-Up
    Code: EI146RC
  6. Image of Aico EI141RC Ionisation Mains Smoke Alarm Detector Battery Back-up
    Code: EI141RC
  7. Image of Aico EI2110E AudioLink Multi Sensor Mains Smoke and Heat Alarm Detector
    Code: EI2110E
  8. Image of Aico Ei650RF RadioLink 10 Year Battery Optical Smoke Alarm Detector
    Code: EI650RF
  9. Image of Aico EI100BNX 9V Battery Ionisation Smoke Alarm Detector
    Code: EI100BNX
  10. Image of Aico EI144RC Mains Powered Heat Alarm Detector with 9V Battery Backup
    Code: EI144RC
  11. Image of Aico EI168RC RadioLINK Alarm Base Module
    Aico EI168RC RadioLINK Alarm Base Module Code: EI168RC
    £54.90 £45.75
    Code: EI168RC
  12. Image of Aico EI164E RadioLink Mains Heat Alarm Detector with Battery Back-up
    Code: EI164E
  13. Image of Aico EI603RF RadioLink 10 Year Battery Powered Heat Alarm Detector
    Code: EI603RF
  14. Image of Aico EI450 RadioLink Wireless Battery Interconnection Alarm Controller
    Code: EI450
  15. Image of Aico EI411H RadioLINK Remote Alarm Control Test Switch
    Code: EI411H
  16. Image of Aico EI1529RC Mains Powered Remote Control Switch
    Code: EI1529RC
  17. Image of Aico EI128R Mains Powered Relay Module Base
    Code: EI128R
  18. Image of Aico EI128RBU Mains Powered with Battery Back-up Relay Module Base
    Code: EI128RBU
  19. Image for Aico EI3018 SmartLink/AudioLink Mains Carbon Monoxide CO Alarm Detector
    Code: EI3018
  20. Image of Aico EI261ENRC AudioLink Mains Carbon Monoxide CO Alarm Detector
    Code: EI261ENRC
  21. Image of Aico EI225EN Mains Powered Carbon Monoxide CO Alarm Detector
    Code: EI225EN
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